My product range includes hand-knitted sweaters, comfy and warm jackets, scarves, shawls, hats as well as suitable accessories.  In addition, there are also machine-knitted ponchos, cloaks and jolly mittens with embroidered pictures that are double-knitted and hatchelled from inside.

All my knitted items are made of natural yarn from Raasiku Wool Factory.

The particular nature of my knitwear is reflected in the originality and uniqueness of every item, giving the same air to the wearer as well.

A courtesy selection of my handicraft can be found in the Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum Handicraft Shop in Tallinn.

I also take part in most festivals and fairs across Estonia – St Martin’s Day Fair, Tallinn Medieval Days, Estonian Folk Art Fair, Hansa Days Festival and others.

For your convenience during the winter months I am able to take custom orders. You can bring your own material or select from my personal inventory.

For more information, please get in touch.